Give Me One Minute And I Will Show You Why Your Favorite Self-Help Book Wasted Your Precious Time (And What You Can Do About It)

Discover How An Overlooked, 4-Step System Can Turn Your Self-Help Knowledge Into Real World Results

Dear Fellow Success-Chaser...

Take just one minute to think about how many self-help books you've read... articles you've skimmed... or online courses you've taken.

Now answer me honestly:


Have they gotten you anywhere?


Or are you stuck in a loop of instant gratification? 


Reading books about improvement to make yourself feel like you are actually improving.


How many years has it been since you read your first self-help book?


5 years?


6 years?




Now answer this:


Are you financially free?


Are you a confident and mentally tough individual?


Are you making significant progress in your life?


Be honest with yourself here.


If the answer is “no” to any of these, it may be your lucky day.


The solution to this issue is a book, but not just any book.


(Definitely not a self-help book)


This book… it’s more of a notebook actually, a planner to be specific… contains a system


This system walks you through 4 steps that will accelerate your success.


It will make your lofty ambitions become a reality.


Self-help books are missing one thing – execution.


This is where the Power Planner takes over.

  • Map Out Your Dream Life

    Define your vision, routines, and quarterly goals.


    This is necessary to wake up in the morning excited and ready to win... not sit their scrolling on your phone.

  • Refine Your Path

    Once you define your future do you just leave it at that and hope it comes true? No.


    Narrowing down your income goals, focus goals, and habits will reduce overwhelm to near zero.

  • Dive Even Deeper

    Week by week, you will dive deep and realize your true priorities.


    Weekly reviews will set you up to absolutely crush your week.

  • Small Actionable Steps

    This is where the magic happens.


    Each day, you will prioritize tasks based on your goals. They will be effortless to complete and not take up hours upon hours of your day.


    Legend has it that an hour of focus a day can drastically change your life.

Devin McDermott

Twitter Icon & Consultant

Since getting the Power Planner I have been LASER focused on my priorities. My goals are more clear, the steps to achieve them are always in view, I reflect on how I can improve more often. There’s more structure to my life now and my progress towards my desires has accelerated massively.

David Mendes

Marketing Consultant

I take this thing with me everywhere, even on vacation.

The Power Planner has become crucial in keeping my energy and productivity high. It is a reminder of the long game that we are playing. It reminds me every day of what I need to do to accomplish my lofty goals.

"I’m not gonna lie – I was unsure whether I’d benefit from this or not.

I can tell you right now it’s the BEST investment I’ve ever made for myself. My goals and vision have never been more clear (and achievable). This was something I never knew I needed until I had it."

Mike Smith

Full Time Flipper

"Before the Power Planner I used a basic planner from Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, it helped with organization, but the Power Planner takes it a step further. My vision is clear in my personal life, business, and relationships – which has boosted my daily mood quite a bit!"

Mackenzie Smith

Health & Fitness Coach

"The Power Planner gives you one thing that 99% of people lack: focus. I've transformed my habits, gained extreme clarity, and I've harnessed my focus. Passing up on this is self-sabotage on your income and future success. Invest in yourself."

Jack Bly

Founder of Vigor Gains

Bonus: The Power Planner on Notion

  • Plan From Your Phone and Desktop

    Notion syncs across your devices so you can plan on the go and write down crucial ideas.

  • Fully Customizable

    Don't like a specific part of the PDF version? Simply log into Notion and use its variety of features to make it your own.

The Notion version of the Power Planner is yours for free!

There are video instructions that will teach you exactly how to use it.

Bonus #2: The Path To Power Ebook

  • Mind

    Develop a worry-free mindset and focus on what truly matters. Many people miss the point of human existence.

  • Body

    The basics of training and nutrition so you can live energetically and increase cognitive performance.

  • Business

    Online entrepreneurship is the way of the future (and the present). I will give you the first steps to take.

My personal philosophy for living a meaningful and free life. From personal experience, I give you the steps to living energetically, worry-free, and financially well-off in the Age of the Internet.


Packaged up into a 38 page eBook including a 30-day challenge at the end.

You Can Wait For The Perfect Moment, Or You Can Commit

I’ll keep this part short and sweet.


You are the only one that knows your current situation.


Be honest with yourself:


Have you truly made the progress that you’ve wanted to in the last 6 months?


How much longer will you be okay with your current situation in life?


The choice is in your hands.


Start making significant progress towards your dream life, or sit back and wait for the perfect moment (which we both know will never come).


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